Why Does The Price of Breast Augmentation Vary So Much?

To understand the value versus cost, we’ll let you know what to look for and what to ask

Compare Toronto breast augmentation prices

Most people want to feel that they’ve gotten a good deal when they make a purchase- especially on cosmetic surgery with a high price tag. Seeking the lowest quote you can find is not a recommended approach for plastic surgery, but you will want to compare Toronto breast augmentation prices before choosing your clinic.

Prices on websites

You may see a list of surgical fees on a web page that seem enticingly low. There may be even numbers such as $7,000, and this will likely be an indication that the clinic has rounded down or averaged the feesfor the website. The prices listed will not include tax and may also be missing a few additional charges.



The reputation and location matters

Is the quote comprehensive?

In Toronto, breast augmentation price quotes are typical, ‘all in’, and will show you the complete and total price you pay. You should certainly ask if there are any additional costs involved, however. Extra items that may not be included in your quote could include:

  • a fee for hospital stay or accommodation
  • prescription medications including analgesic and antibiotic
  • surgical bra or compression garment

Your plastic surgeon will not likely charge you separately for hospital fees, anesthetic, or any follow-up visits but do ask just in case.

The cost of implants

Did you know that different breast implants have different associated costs? The medical devices used to enlarge breasts typically fall into three categories. This aresaline, silicone gel, and Ideal. The saline type of implant consists of a silicone shell, and it is filled with sterile salt water once placed inside the breast. These cost the least and maybe priced as much as $1,000 lower than cohesive silicone gel. Gel implants come in a variety of projections,and some are shaped anatomically. The prices for these will range a little, and though they are costlier than saline, they are by far the more popular choice in Toronto. Ideal implants are relatively new on the market, and they offer a more natural-looking saline option with internal compartments that help prevent rippling and lend realistic movement. They are more expensive than silicone gel.

Depending on the implant type that you choose, your surgical quote may range by two thousand dollars or more. Your plastic surgeon will be happy to explain the differences and let you make a decision based on the pros and cons of each option.

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