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Wiping Away Wrinkles & Creases

Aging is a natural process affecting both men and women, but the signs of aging don’t have to be. Learn how we can help you reverse the appearance of aging and restore youthful vitality with facial injectables in Toronto at the Aviva Cosmetic and Laser Clinic-Avenue Plastic Surgery’s luxury MedSpa.

In Toronto, Botox® Cosmetic is currently the most requested and popular treatment choices for men and women who wish to restore their youthful appearance with little hassle.

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Treating Facial Muscles

Aside from common wrinkle treatments, Botox is also been proven useful for treating migraine headaches, joint pain, and excessive sweating and remains one of the most tested and trusted medications in Canada. At Avenue Plastic Surgery, we offer Botox to treat the negative effects of dynamic facial muscle movement such as:

  • Frown lines
  • Vertical lines between the eyebrows
  • Crow’s feet
  • Creases in the neck

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Botox Injections

Overlying skin to smooth out and the look of wrinkles disappear

In Toronto, Botox® injections are a gentle and minimally invasive treatment that smoothes away the appearance of wrinkles to help people regain a crease-free, youthful appearance.

Fine lines, wrinkles, and deep facial creases are generally formed from persistent facial expressions like frowning and squinting the eyes in the sunlight. Your Botox treatment with us involves a customised series of injections that can be completed in an average of 30-minutes. Botox is injected into target facial muscles using a thin needle to block the signals that affect muscle contractility. The muscles aren’t “frozen” but movement softened. This allows the overlying skin to smooth out and the look of wrinkles disappear.

How does Botox® work?

The active ingredient in Botox® injections that erases common signs of aging is Type A substance produced by a bacteria, Clostridium botulinum. This Type A substance blocks nerve interaction with a chemical compound called acetylcholine, which minimizes the muscle’s ability to contract.

Without A neuromodulator like Botox® applied, acetylcholine is released by the nerve ending in the neuromuscular junction between nerve and muscle. When acetylcholine binds receptors on the muscles, it signals the muscles to contract. When Botox is injected, it blocks this signal transmission pathway and temporarily prevents muscle contraction that causes wrinkles.

Areas that can be wrinkle-free after Botox injections

In Toronto, Botox injections can be given to treat wrinkles found in the:

  • Forehead
  • Between the eyebrows
  • At the outer corners of the eyes
  • Neck

botox for migraines

What should you expect after a Botox injection?

At Avenue Plastic Surgery, Botox is one of our most popular treatments. Our clients love that they can pop in to see us on a lunch break for a simple, convenient treatment. A session may take 30 minutes or less to complete, after which patients can return to their normal routines immediately. Sometimes, there may be some minor bruising or swelling at the injection site, but this can easily be covered with makeup and subsides quickly. We’ll recommend that you avoid taking blood-thinning medications or supplements beforehand to minimize that possibility.

How long does Botox last?

The effects of Botox typically last up to 4 months, so a regular set schedule helps ensure consistent results.

What are some side effects of Botox?

Botox injections may cause some common side effects including temporary bruising, swelling, itching, or redness at the site of injection. Some patients may be allergic to the Type A substance in Botox and will develop symptoms such as fatigue, headache, flu-like signs, and eyelid droop.

Who is a good candidate for Botox injections?

Botox injections are for men and women of all ages who are unhappy about their wrinkles and creases. This treatment is not suitable for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. It is also not recommended for individuals who are taking blood-thinners since they increase the risk of bruising and swelling.

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