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We are a one-stop cosmetic practice to meet all your aesthetic needs. Our state of the art clinics, conveniently located in both Toronto and Whitby offer a variety of services with our caring, expert practitioners.

Dr. Golger and Dr. Romy are well known as sought after Toronto plastic surgeons. Both doctors are fully certified by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, and have a wealth of experience in the specialized, cosmetic surgery field.

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We believe that the best way to achieve each patient’s unique goals is through a personalized approach to aesthetics. By working closely with all of our patients to understand their unique needs and devise customized treatment plans, we strive to ensure that each client feels welcomed, listened to, and excited about their physical changes.

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Learn a little more about our Plastic Surgery Clinics

At Avenue Plastic Surgery, we are proud to offer a variety of surgical and non-surgical treatments for the face, body and breasts.

Both men and women seek our services to restore and rejuvenate their appearance.

We are a full service clinic, with expertise in a variety of areas. For those seeking facial rejuvenation to reveal a younger, vibrant look, we offer both surgical and non-surgical treatment options for virtually any budget or goals. Depending on your area of concern, there are multiple safe and effective, non-invasive options that our facial experts will help you to choose from.

Addressing all areas of the face and décolletage, our industry-leading medical experts can help you look and feel better than you have in years.

When looking for significant and lasting changes, our expert plastic surgeons are pleased to discuss the most advanced face-lift and facial cosmetic surgical procedures during a private, on-on-one consultation.


Whether you are considering a breast lift, breast reconstruction, or breast augmentation with saline or silicone implants, we are well equipped to help make your body improvement dreams a reality.


Avenue Plastic Surgery Toronto

At Avenue Plastic Surgery, we offer the full spectrum of breast enhancement procedures with advanced short scar and rapid healing techniques available.

Dr. Golger and Dr. Romy are both highly renowned when it comes to their expertise in the specialized area of breast enhancement and breast reconstruction surgery.


During a traditional facelift procedure, incisions are made around the ears in well-hidden creases, and extend into the hairline. This allows us to lift, tighten and sculpt deep tissues of the lower face to produce a younger-looking appearance with firmer and smoother skin.

Breast Augmentation

The procedure is completed under general anesthesia with intravenous sedation. Dr. Golger and Dr. Romy are able to create small skin incisions in different locations, including beneath the breast, around the areola or in the underarm for inconspicuous and minimal scarring.

Breast Lift

By lifting and reshaping sagging breasts, a breast lift surgery has the capability to rejuvenate body proportions, change how clothing fits and especially how the breasts look without clothing. When done with an expert plastic surgeon, the overwhelming majority of women are satisfied with their Mastopexy and have reported a renewed sense of self-confidence and happiness because of their aesthetic improvements.

Tummy Tuck

At Avenue Plastic Surgery, our Toronto tummy tuck procedure is an outpatient surgery that takes approximately three hours to complete.

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Toronto's Finest Health & Beauty Destination

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Whether it’s a complete body lift, liposuction, or a mommy makeover that you choose, Dr. Golger and Dr. Romy have have many years combined experience creating amazing, long-lasting results for happy clients.

Avenue Plastic Surgery’s one-of-a-kind MedSpa is one of Toronto’s finest health and beauty destinations. At our elegant and inviting facilities, we offer a suite of non-invasive cosmetic procedures using state-of-the-art technology and skin care therapies.

For those who choose to improve their appearance without surgery and with minimal downtime, our MedSpa is the place to be.

venue Plastic Surgery Toronto

We offer a wide range of dermal facial fillers, including Juvederm and effective neuromodulators such as Botox to help minimize frown lines and wrinkles. Our medical grade line of luxurious skin care products and laser treatments are designed to combat signs of aging and preserve the benefits of your complexion treatments.

Avenue Plastic Surgery is also one of the few destinations for plastic surgery in Toronto that specializes in services catered specifically to help men look and feel their best. We offer a variety of treatments tailored to help men enhance their masculine features and soften premature signs of aging.

At our clinic, some of the most popular treatments among our male clients include male breast reduction, liposuction and Botox. Although many of the procedures can benefit men just the same as they would women, Dr. Golger and Dr. Romy have extensive experience in tailoring their techniques to preserve and accentuate masculine features offering bespoke services that are subtle and completely natural.

In our practice, we take great pride in keeping up with the latest, leading-edge industry trends and technologies.

With the established safety and artistic eye that can only come with experience, our patients love their results and return to us time and time again.

To enhance our client’s experience, we’re pleased to be one of the few Toronto plastic surgery clinics that offer 3-D imaging as part of our consultation experience. This revolutionary technology, allows patients to get a three-dimensional preview of their results.

3-D imaging has allowed us to radically improve the way we conduct consultations, by giving patients the power to make fully informed decisions with realistic expectations regarding the outcome.

Dr. Golger and Dr. Romy looking forward to welcoming you to Avenue Plastic Surgery to begin your journey. Known for their friendly and accessible demeanor, they enjoy ensuring all their patients feel at ease from the initial consultation, through to long-lasting results.

To request a consultation, we invite you to complete our online form or give us a call- we’d love to talk with you!

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