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Breast Sagging

Breast sagging may relate to genetic factors and is not always due to breast weight and size. Many women notice a loss of firmness and volume in their breasts as they experience significant weight fluctuations, pregnancy, breast-feeding, and the loss of skin elasticity that comes with aging. Many women have seen a drastic change in their breasts as skin becomes less elastic in mid-life. This can have a negative impact on self- confidence, body image, and intimate relationships. Although the eventual sagging of your breasts may be inevitable, there is a solution for women who are unhappy with their drooping breasts and wish to augment their appearance. The surgical procedure designed to lift and reposition the areolas while removing excess skin is called a Mastopexy. This cosmetic breast surgery is commonly referred to as a breast lift because it can make breasts appear lifted and perky. You’ll be in great hands, as Dr. Golger and Romy are highly sought out Breast Lift Surgeons in Toronto.

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Restore and reclaim

Are you just like the millions of women who want to restore and reclaim the youthful shape and position of their breasts? Are you tired of relying on sturdy bras to push up sagging tissue? One of the most popular and fastest-growing procedures in Toronto, breast lift surgery is a contouring procedure that involves the lifting and tightening of breast skin to modify and reshape sagging or drooping breasts. This breast surgery restructures the breast skin envelop to lift breast tissue and form it into a fuller, rounded shape. Nipples that have lowered and point downward can be adjusted to a higher position relative to the breast mound. As well, areola size can and often is altered to the patient’s preference during a breast lift.

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Breast Lift

The surgical procedure designed to lift

Frequently Experienced Conditions

A Toronto breast lift is specially designed to treat the following conditions that are frequently experienced by women:

  • Sagging and/or drooping breasts
  • Nipples pointing downward
  • Loss of firmness and volume in breasts

By lifting and reshaping sagging breasts, breast lift surgery has the capability to rejuvenate body proportions, change how clothing fits, and especially how the breasts look without clothing. When done with an expert plastic surgeon, the overwhelming majority of women are satisfied with their Mastopexy and have reported a renewed sense of self-confidence and happiness because of their aesthetic improvements.

At Avenue Plastic Surgery, we offer breast lift surgery in Toronto and Whitby for women who seek to improve their body. Dr. Golger and Dr. Romy will work with you to achieve the following goals:

  • Reposition and/or elevate the breasts
  • Improve asymmetry
  • Resize the areola, if necessary

It is important to remember that a breast lift surgery does not aim to enlarge your breast size. However, it can be completed in conjunction with a breast augmentation surgery, using implants to increase volume and size of the breasts.

A typical Toronto breast lift surgery will take between 2-3 hours to complete under a general anesthetic, or local anesthetic combined with intravenous sedation.

Different techniques are available depending on the individual patient’s goals for the procedure. Traditionally, incisions along the breast crease, vertically and around areolas, were designed to remove excess skin and completely revise the shape and position of breasts. This approach is often referred to as the “anchor” technique. Depending on the client, incisions and scarring can be minimized with a “short scar” or lollipop approach. As well, areola resizing and minor lifting can also be achieved through a circumareolar lift, which eliminates the vertical and crease incisions.

breast lift without surgery

Dr’s Golger and Ahluwaliah are known for their leading edge, short scar and minimal scarring techniques, which achieve dramatic results without the use of drains.

The first incision created by your plastic surgeon will surround the areola, and utilizes short, vertical lines underneath to lift the breast. Breast skin is carefully gathered around the areola set at a higher position. Finally, the edges are brought together carefully and sutured internally to create clean, minimal scar lines. At this point, if a patient is also receiving a breast implant, the plastic surgeon will insert the implant under the breast tissue and/or pectoral muscle. This common combination of cosmetic procedures is also referred to as augmentation mastopexy.

The cost of a Toronto breast lift

A breast lift is a highly personalized procedure. The cost of your Toronto breast lift will vary based on the type of breast lift performed along with other factors. The average cost of a breast lift at Avenue Plastic Surgery is around $7,500. Financing options are available that can help make the payment process more manageable for our patients.

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Written onJune 23, 2020

I recently had a tummy tuck and breast lift (3 months ago) with Dr.Golger and do not remember the last time I felt so good about myself! I overheard my daughter telling her boyfriend “my mom is like a pig in sh*t since she had her surgery but she keeps wearing my clothes”. Ha! Well if thats the worst she’s saying…I’ll take it! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! I (obviously) couldn’t have done it without you. That being said…I 100% recommend Dr.Golger!

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Breast Lift Process

What is the process for a breast lift surgery

What should I expect after my breast lift surgery?

Following the completion of your Toronto breast lift, incisions are protected with surgical tape and a supportive, post-operative bra is sometimes advised but will be decided between the patient and doctor.

Our team will also provide you with detailed aftercare instructions, a prescription for pain medication and antibiotics. We will arrange for you to come back to our clinic soon after your procedure for follow-up care and instructions.

Though our patients typically report very little discomfort after their breast lift, don’t be surprised to see swelling or minor bruising during the first week. It is important to remember that your body will require time to completely heal and adjust after your Toronto breast lift procedure. After a few short weeks, the majority of swelling has diminished and breasts will begin to soften- relaxing into their new shape.

While your incisions are new, they may appear pink, firm and slightly raised, this is a normal and expected part of the scar maturation process and they can be expected to soften and fade over time.

Due to the body’s natural healing process, results of a breast lift surgery are not complete immediately, but after a few months; your new, youthful breast contours can be fully appreciated.

Getting the look you desire with a breast lift surgery

At Avenue Plastic Surgery in Whitby and Toronto, breast lift surgery performed by Dr. Golger and Dr. Romy aims to:

  • Improve your cleavage
  • Improve mild asymmetries
  • Make your breasts rounder and improve shape
  • Create smaller, less asymmetric areolae
  • Have the nipples point forward rather than downward
  • Position your breast tissue higher on the chest for a natural yet youthful appearance
  • Improve breast firmness

Breast Augmentation Procedure

Who is a suitable candidate for a breast lift surgery?

Similar to all other surgical procedures, there are important things to consider prior to a breast lift procedure. If you can answer affirmatively to the questions below, you may be a great candidate for a breast lift procedure:

  • Do you have droopy or saggy breasts due to loss of skin elasticity and firmness?
  • Have you experienced a significant weight loss?
  • Do you have a healthy, stable body weight with BMI lower than 30?
  • Are you free of medical problems or health factors that may impede the post-surgical recovery process?
  • Are you a non-smoker?
  • Have you noticed breast changes after pregnancy or breastfeeding?

How long is the recovery period from a breast lift surgery?

Typically, most patients are able to resume their normal daily routines around one-week post-procedure, although strenuous activity is not recommended until the body has fully healed from the breast lift. We will usually recommend waiting at least 6 weeks before returning to the gym.

Frequently asked questions about breast lift surgery

Will my breast lift surgery increase the size of the breast? The purpose of a breast lift is to restore a firm and youthful appearance to sagging breasts by tightening skin and elevating areolas. A Mastopexy alone will not add volume to your breasts; however, it can improve cleavage fullness through lifting of breast tissue. Patients who wish to increase the size of their breasts as well may want to consider a breast lift in conjunction with breast implants.

Will I need additional surgeries after my breast lift? In general, the results of a breast lift will last approximately fifteen years, with the understanding that each person’s anatomy and skin properties are different. Our team will ensure that you have the proper long-term care instructions to help you maintain the best results for as long as possible.

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