Figuring Out The Price Of A Breast Augmentation in Toronto

What exactly does a breast augmentation quote involve?

The cost of cosmetic procedures can vary significantly between different practices and locations around the world.

That might make it hard for you to get a clear picture of the price of breast augmentation in Toronto, but luckily there are a few key questions you can ask and factors to look for that will help you with planning. Whether you’re purchasing a house or hiring someone to cut your hair, not taking anything for granted will help you avoid disappointment and confusion. To effectively compare costs between different practices, knowing the answer to this question will let you compare the true value associated with your purchase.

A quote for breast augmentation with breast implants will typically involve:

  • Accredited operating room facilities and certified medical staff; including anaesthesiologist.
  • The anaesthetic medication and medical solutionsare usually included in surgical fees, though a prescription pain medication for use during recovery may not be.
  • The breast implants themselves
  • The surgeon’s operating fee
  • The cost of pre and post operative appointments for both planning and ongoing assessment



A total fee

Most Toronto breast augmentation price quotes received during the consultation will show you a total fee including all of these features, but it doesn’t hurt to ask what the total includes if it isn’t clear. Potential costs which aren’t usually a part of a quote may be outlined in consent forms. Fees excluded from the quote may include, but are not limited to:

  • The cost of a secondary procedure
  • The cost of analgesics, anti-nausea, or other medications prescribed and advised postoperatively
  • The cost of a surgical bra or compression garment may or may not be included
  • Transportation or accommodation for appointments and procedure
  • Cancellation fees

Cancellation fees

Sometimes a plastic surgeon’s website will show a list of procedure prices without tax or various additional fees added, so the best way to understand the real price for Toronto breast augmentation will be to schedule a consultation and talk with the surgeon in person about your expectations and goals. Before you agree to undergo surgery with someone, you should understand the financial aspects fully, and feel confident that there are no hidden costs. Many clinics have a policy for appointment cancellation, including cancellation of the surgery itself and this may be contingent on a particular timeline. For instance, if you decide not to proceed within a certain, close timeframe, you may be entitled to only a portion of your deposit or surgical fees. This is related to the costs that practitioners incur when they set aside this valuable time and book OR space.

If a procedure price on offer appears to be drastically lower than its competition, look for the fine print. You should never compromise certain necessary safety and quality components to pricing,and you need to account for these. They include certified and experienced medical staff, Health Canada approved and warranted breast implants, accredited surgical facilities or hospital setting, professional anaesthetic administration by a certified anaesthesiologist and adequate follow up care. Never hesitate to ask questions,so you know exactly what you’re getting when you plan for your cosmetic procedure.

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