10 FAQ’s About Breast Augmentation

A convenient list of answers you might want to know as you research your options

Have you ever wondered what plastic surgery experts have to say in response to the top ten Toronto breast augmentation questions?

1. Do breast augmentation patients need referrals?

No. This procedure is elective cosmetic surgery which means that it is not medically necessary, nor is the cost covered by health insurance plans. You don’t need a referral or involvement from your primary care physician to schedule a breast augmentation consultation.

2. Can I choose the size I want to be?

Yes. At a Toronto breast augmentation consultation, the surgeon will usually offer a small range of sizes according to your physical measurements as well as your desired look. If there is a certain appearance you want, be sure to tell them or even show pictures. The exact volume required will vary between people. Your plastic surgeon is an expert in breast implant sizing and body proportions, so they can help you choose well.

3. Do I need a breast lift?

Maybe. This one is best answered in person as each person’s anatomy is unique. Your surgeon will take into account the nipple position, skin elasticity, and your stated goals for the procedure.

4. Will I have scars?

Toronto breast augmentation is a surgical procedure that typically involves skin incisions for the insertion of implants. While these are as small as possible and usually well-hidden, you cannot be promised invisible scars. It takes roughly one year for a scar to fully mature and fade, and there are steps your surgeon can advise you to take which will improve results.


5. When can I return to work?

Each patient’s situation is unique,and your surgeon will advise you when you are cleared to resume various activities. For light, non-strenuous work, most breast augmentation patients can return within 5-7 days.

6. Are breast implants considered permanent?

While no medical device can be guaranteed to last forever, modern breast implants are designed to be extremely durable and no longer have a set expiration date. Regular breast exams are recommended.

7. Are silicone gel breast implants safe?

Today’s cohesive silicone gel implants have not been determined to cause any autoimmune or toxicity issues. As the contents are no longer liquid, when ruptures occur, the contents are designed to stay within the shell and breast capsule, holding their shape and not communicating with the rest of the body.

8. When can I wear an underwire bra after surgery?

Plastic surgeons have their own, preferred, post-operative protocols. Most will ask patients to refrain from wearing underwire for at least six months because the pressure of wire on the implant pocket and incision could impair healing or affect positioning. Ask your surgeon when you have the all-clear to wear whatever bras you want.

9. Will breast augmentation recovery be painful?

Most people do not complain of extreme discomfort after their procedure. A long-acting anaesthetic is administered to the tissues, so your breast area will stay numb throughout the immediate post-op phase. After that, a sensation of tightness and a dull ache is common and well-managed with acetaminophen or prescription pain medication.

10. Can breast implants help correct asymmetry?

Yes. Many women naturally have two different breast sizes,and careful selection of breast implant projections and volumes can help offset how noticeable that is. Perfection isn’t a realistic goal, but much improvement can be achieved.

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