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Those Lashes!

Many women desire longer and thicker lashes. One option is to use artificial lashes, but you may not like the unnatural look of them. Use of artificial lashes can also be harmful for your eye health. One option to get thicker eyelashes is with the use of Latisse. What Is Latisse? Latisse is a version […]

What Is the Botox Injection Process Like?

Over the past couple of decades, there have been several developments in the world of medicine. Researchers have developed cures for many diseases, as well as vaccines for many more. They have also found ways to address ever-increasing demands for anti-aging treatments. One of these advancements is the development of Botox injections. What Is Botox? […]

A Mommy Makeover Combines Breast Augmentation and the Tummy Tuck

Pregnancies take a heavy a toll on the body, affecting not just the internal health but also the external appearance. Nine months of pregnancy and a few more months of nursing leave the body quite altered from its original look. A mother might consider a score of options to regain her prior look. These may […]

The Loose Sagging Skin Around Your Body Can Be Trimmed Away

Aging, excessive exposure to sun, and lifestyle habits lead to a reduction in collagen and elastin in the skin tissues. This lessens the skin’s elasticity, making the skin droop. Sudden weight loss also leads to excess drooping skin. Don’t let loose skin make you lose confidence in yourself – come in for a body lift […]

Breast Volume or Perkiness? Why Not Both!

Breasts lose their perkiness and volume over the years. This can happen because of factors like the aging process, a genetic condition, pregnancy, breastfeeding, a sudden change in weight, and crash diets. Smaller sagging breasts can make you feel old and can affect your self-confidence. There are several plastic surgery procedures that you can take […]

Extra Flab? Liposuction Can Help You Slim Down

Liposuction, or lipoplasty, is a type of surgery performed to reduce fat by removing it from the body using medical suction. This procedure can be performed on most parts of the body with excess fat. Most commonly, it’s performed on areas like the thighs, buttocks, abdomen, waist, calves, and even neck and chin to suck […]

Lackluster Lashes? Latisse Can Help!

Eyes are the first thing that people notice on your face, so having healthy eyelashes is quite important. Even if you have a prominent and bright set of eyes, weak and thin eyelashes can dampen their overall look. If you have healthy lashes, you can always accentuate them with mascara that can define and increase […]

Permanent Wrinkle Reduction with a Facelift

Your face is the mirror of your soul. If you are concerned about looking years older than your actual age, a facelift may be the answer. The facelift is a popular choice for addressing facial wrinkles and is the fourth-most-commonly performed procedure in the United States. A facelift can trim away excess skin and can […]

Would You Make a Good Mini Tummy Tuck Candidate?

A mini tummy tuck, or mini abdominoplasty, is a much less invasive procedure than a traditional abdominoplasty. If you notice that your abdomen has begun to sag with age and want to sculpt it into a more desirable shape, you might find that a mini abdominoplasty is ideal for you. The mini tummy tuck is […]

Revitalize Your Skin – Try Laser Skin Resurfacing

If acne, aging, or excess exposure to the sun has turned your face into a landscape of scars, blotches, lines, and wrinkles, then laser skin resurfacing is your best bet for making your skin look young and healthy again. It removes layers of old and dead skin cells with pinpoint precision. The old skin cells […]