Breasts lose their perkiness and volume over the years. This can happen because of factors like the aging process, a genetic condition, pregnancy, breastfeeding, a sudden change in weight, and crash diets. Smaller sagging breasts can make you feel old and can affect your self-confidence.

There are several plastic surgery procedures that you can take advantage of to restore and enhance your breasts. These procedures are known as cosmetic procedures, and one of the most popular breast enhancement surgeries is augmentation mastopexy.

Augmentation mastopexy, also known as a breast lift with implants, is gaining huge popularity, as it offers impressive comprehensive results in terms of breast volume and perkiness.

What Is Augmentation Mastopexy?

Augmentation mastopexy is a combination of two surgical procedures: the breast lift and breast augmentation using implants. Breast lift surgery, also known as mastopexy, helps to raise the breasts to an enhanced and youthful position on the chest wall.

The breast lift procedure does not add any notable volume for a fuller appearance of your breasts. It is also difficult to maintain the breast’s volume when it is placed higher on the chest wall.

Because of this, a breast augmentation is the perfect pairing for the breast lift procedure. Breast augmentation has the ability to enlarge the overall size of the breasts.

It comes with its own drawbacks, which are addressed with the breast lift – implants are unable to correct the sagging of the breasts caused due to the loose excess skin. Implants also add weight to the breasts, which can cause additional sag.

So to get fully enhanced breasts, it is often advised to combine both the procedures in an augmentation mastopexy.

Benefits of Augmentation Mastopexy

There are a number of benefits that can come from augmentation mastopexy:

  • It will increase breast volume and provide all-around fullness. It also contributes to an increase in cup size.
  • It results in improved contours of the breasts.
  • It helps to remove excess skin that is making your breasts appear saggy.
  • It promotes a more youthful position for the breasts on the chest wall by repositioning the breasts and keeping them higher.
  • It elevates the nipple-areolar complex by repositioning them.
  • It improves the dimensions and the position of the areolae by adjusting their size and location. This helps the areolae match the new dimensions of the breasts themselves for a more natural look.
  • It corrects any asymmetries in the breasts and areolae and enhances the overall structure of the breasts.

Augmentation mastopexy is perhaps your best choice for an overall enhancement of your breasts. However, whether it’s right for you or not depends on the decision of your plastic surgeon. A thorough checkup and consultation will help your plastic surgeon make this decision with you.

Setting Up Your Augmentation Mastopexy Consultation

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