Eyes are the first thing that people notice on your face, so having healthy eyelashes is quite important. Even if you have a prominent and bright set of eyes, weak and thin eyelashes can dampen their overall look.

If you have healthy lashes, you can always accentuate them with mascara that can define and increase the volume of your lashes. But with thin lashes that are dull and brittle, no cosmetic makeover can help. There are false eyelashes – but these are temporary, require upkeep, and can even damage the lashes. And nothing can compare to having restored and healthy eyelashes once again.

Latisse Offers Long and Dense Natural Eyelashes

Latisse is a serum that can be used on your eyelashes to naturally enhance their growth and thus give you dramatic eyes with long dark eyelashes. This is no temporary treatment. This lash growth serum works effectively in improving the looks by promoting the natural growth of lashes at a fast pace. The serum stimulates the hair follicles to achieve this effect.

This cosmetic treatment requires a doctor’s prescription. This is to ensure the safe use of the serum.

How Effective Is the Serum?

More than 78% of those who have ever tried Latisse happily talk about how effective the serum was in helping improve their lashes. These people also saw a marked increase in the length of the eyelashes and the thickness and intensity of the natural color of the lashes.

The time taken to see visible results varies from patient to patient. In most of the people who use Latisse, changes can be seen starting the fifth week of regular use. By the sixteenth week, the serum shows its full results in the form of dramatic improvement in the growth and health of the lashes.

The Easy Application Process

Unlike most other cosmetic correction treatments, this one doesn’t need an expert to perform the process. You can do it yourself, provided you follow the doctor’s instructions to the letter:

  • All makeup should be cleansed before application of the serum. Contact lens wearers should remove their lenses.
  • Cleaning the eyelids thoroughly is essential.
  • Remember that the serum causes quick hair growth. Do not use excess quantity of the serum and do not apply it anywhere outside of the prescribed area.
  • There is an applicator that comes with the serum. A drop of the serum is all you need. This has to be evenly coated on the margin of the upper eyelid and should not be applied to the lower eyelid.
  • For each eye, a different applicator should be used, and the applicator brush should never be reused. Avoid putting your finger on the bottle or even on your lashes and eyelids during the process in order to avoid any infection.

This procedure should be followed once each day, and the medication should not be applied more than once per day. One course of Latisse usually lasts for 16 weeks. Patients slowly start seeing the results in four to five weeks on average.

Learn More About Latisse

Is Latisse for you? The ideal way to find out is with a visit to Dr. Alexander Golger, an experienced board-certified plastic surgeon. Contact us to schedule your consultation today.