I spent the last 20 years wanting a “boob job,” wanting to wear a bra that wasn’t half empty, I just wanted to fill up the breasts I had! After 3 kids and turning 43 I decided it was time and I was worth it!

I met with 5 different plastic surgeons and one very plastic female assistant! Nobody really made me feel comfortable; I was just another surgery. But I had to pick one and I booked the surgery.

Then one month before surgery I found Dr. Golger. My first impression was fantastic. I immediately felt comfortable asking any and all questions that came to mind. Dr. Golger answered them all in a way that I understood, he made me feel relaxed; like I’d known him for years and this was something he wanted to do for me! I respected his knowledge and he respected my decision about size and thoroughly explained the surgery and what to expect afterwards. I made numerous calls to Toni and Dr. Golger and each question was answered with a smile. They felt like family!

The examination and surgery were professional, I didn’t feel awkward or embarrassed. Everything went as scheduled; I was home by 3:30 pm. Recovery was easy, very little pain and I didn’t need any pain killers and two days after surgery I was shopping!

Three months later: My scars around the nipple have healed and are barely noticeable. They feel natural I almost forget I have them, they have dropped and look natural. Friends can’t believe how real they look, my husband loves them! I was an empty 36 A; now I’m a full 36 B sometimes C depends on the bra. I’ve recommended/boasted about Dr. Golger and Toni to everyone – Go for it!

The most memorable thing was looking in the mirror and feeling like this was the body I was always supposed to have, I felt like a real woman. Life really does begin in your 40s! Thank you Thank you Thank you!

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