I am a mother of 3 boys. After giving birth to my 3rd son I decided it was time for me. So, My husband and I decided we needed to provide a healthy and active lifestyle with our boys. I eat healthy and I have become an athlete and in approx. 2yrs I lost a total of 101 pounds. I feel great and look great until I undressed. I had a large amount of skin that hung and made me feel very uncomfortable. My breast looked like sunnyside up eggs sliding right off the plate. I breast fed my boys and my breasts just lost there fullness. I went to several consultation’s to find the right doctor to give me the body I work so hard to have everyday. I finally found the one when I met Dr. Golger I new he was the one. I called my husband right away and said I finally found the doctor. He made me feel comfortable and at ease. He gave me time to tell him my wants and needs and he in turn told me what he felt was going to be the best outcome. Dr. Golger is a very caring surgeon. He is excellent at what he does. I am 8 days post op and I feel great! I have next to no pain at this point my scar is a very thin line he is fantastic and comes highly recommended by me. I finally have the body that I have worked so hard to get for the last 2 1/2yrs! Thanks a million you rock!!!!!

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