Why Breast Augmentation in Whitby Isn’t as Simple as Just Picking a Size

Breast augmentation is the most popular cosmetic surgery in Canada. Every year, we get hundreds of women looking to enhance the size of their breasts. However, all too often we hear things like “I want my breasts to look like hers,” or “I want to be this size.” While it is important to have a goal appearance for yourself, it is also critical that you aren’t just trying to mimic the chest of another woman or achieve a size without considering how it would look on your own body.

Each woman is built differently. Therefore, no woman should try and imitate any part of another woman’s physique or shoot for an aesthetic goal based on what is popular in society. For example, nobody should be striving for a goal weight based on the size of others. A weight that may be healthy for one may not be for another. There are factors to consider like height and muscle density. The same idea is also true for women considering enlarging their breasts with breast implants in Whitby.

Your Ideal Breasts

When considering your ideal size for your breasts, focus on yourself. While it may be tempting to draw inspiration from your favorite celebrity or model, it is important to realize that what may look one way on them could look entirely different on you. Instead, really think about what you want to accomplish with your breast augmentation surgery.

Maybe you have already heard about former The Hills star Heidi Montag has done with her breast augmentation. A few years ago, Montag felt the pressure of Hollywood and chose to have breast enhancement with size F breast implants. In a recent article, Heidi spoke about how she felt “handicapped” and was unable to perform usual chores. This year, she chose to have a breast implant revision with smaller, size C implants that helped her feel more confident and comfortable. Heidi is photographed happily walking along the beach with her new breasts that are much more balanced for her petite, 5’2” stature.

During your consultation, you and Dr. Golger will discuss several factors that all play into which size breast implants in Whitby may be best for you. Your height, width of your rib cage, length of your torso and other physical factors all affect how your breasts will ultimately end up looking. Maybe you are set on reaching a 34DD because it sounds good, but will you be happy with the way it looks on you? A 34C may be more suitable for your body type and height.

So, as you work out the details for your own breast augmentation, take a step back and ask yourself what you want to achieve. Maybe you’re looking to finally address the loss of volume that your breasts endured after pregnancy or maybe you’re wanting to finally fill out your favorite dress. To set up your own personalized breast augmentation consultation, click the button below to speak with Dr. Golger.