Nowadays, it seems like plastic surgeons are providing an a la carte menu of facial offerings: facial rejuvenation, face lift, facial contouring, and a wide variety of non-surgical facial procedures. You can have your pick of a full array of procedures designed to meet very specific needs, from a neck lift to brow lift to skin resurfacing.

As patients feel the need to supplement with plastic surgery procedures, like the face lift, to combat the appearance of aging, other alternatives are emerging.

Non-surgical, volumizing injectables have increasingly gained popularity as more and more celebrities, like Kim Kardashian, become vocal fans of the results.

As we age, the loss of collagen and fat in the face leads to not just wrinkles and folds and facial lines, but a loss of fullness that becomes much more visible. In fighting all these factors, adding a little volume can go a long way.

To this end, Juvéderm has become one of the most highly sought-after volumizing facial fillers, known for its ability to re-contour the face without permanently reconstructing it. Plumping of the lips and the reduction of smile lines are just two of the FDA-approved uses for Juvéderm.

The knife-free alternative to a traditional face lift is a great way to achieve a rested and refreshed face without the concerns that accompany surgery. However, it’s not for everyone, as in cases where facial lines and wrinkles run unusually deep.

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