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Subtle surgical alterations can create dramatic facial improvements whether your nose is large, crooked, or hooked. In some cases where a deviated septum blocks efficient airflow, rhinoplasty can also help resolve breathing problems.

The number of aesthetic defects potentially addressed with rhinoplasty is vast. The prominence, length, projection and width of your nose can usually be altered to provide a positive overall effect. At Avenue Plastic Surgery, our surgeons take into consideration the unique qualities of your nose as determined by gender, ethnicity and genetics to give you the best, natural looking results from a rhinoplasty.

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Outpatient Surgical Procedure

Toronto Rhinoplasty

Under general anaesthesia, Dr. Golger or Dr. Romy will make incisions either within the nostrils or across the base of the nose where the healed scar is well hidden. Next, the underlying bone and cartilage are exposed for the intricate work of reshaping to be done. There are several different types of rhinoplasty. A structural or incisional rhinoplasty modifies only the nasal tip to create cosmetic changes to shape and position of the nose. This type of rhinoplasty does not affect the skeletal framework and thus, is considered to be a straightforward, predictable treatment. An excisional rhinoplasty involves removal of tissue, particularly when fixing a hump, oversized nasal bridge or a bulbous tip. This procedure requires the excision of cartilage and other tissues from the nostril and tip of the nose to refine the contours. However, experienced surgeons such as Dr. Golger and Dr. Romy will limit the amount of tissue to be excised to preserve the underlying structure and natural form of the nose.

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Rhinoplasty Expectations

What should I expect after a rhinoplasty?

As your rhinoplasty procedure is completed, we will close your incisions, apply a dressing within your nasal passage and supply you with splints for protection and support.

When you see your new nose, you might be tempted to touch it, however, it’s very important to refrain from doing so because your nose needs to heal in exactly the shape your surgeon has created. It’s vital that you make lifestyle arrangements to protect your nose for several weeks after a rhinoplasty.

To help you relieve pressure and swelling, we advise our patients to rest with an elevated head and shoulders. You may feel some discomfort and soreness in your nose, but more commonly patients report a sensation of pressure, which is somewhat relieved as splints and packing are removed. By two weeks most swelling and bruising has resolved.

Lastly, you will be required to limit the activities that you do as your body recovers over the following weeks. Before we send you home, we’ll be sure to provide specific, detailed instructions for a safe and quick recovery.

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How long is a typical recovery period after rhinoplasty?

In general, most patients are healed from a rhinoplasty within six weeks. However, plan to be patient for all residual swelling to subside completely. Some patients experience subtle swelling for up to a year after the procedure because the delicate nasal tissue is very sensitive. The key point to remember is that your nose will continue to change for an extended period after surgery.

Every patient is unique which means it’s difficult to determine the length of time it will take for an individual to heal. Your plastic surgeon will talk with you about what to expect and track your progress throughout your recovery and the reveal of your beautiful new nose.

When can I go out in public after a rhinoplasty?

The majority of our patients are able to go out in public after they get their splint removed, which is typically 1-2 weeks, post-procedure. We recommend that you rest and relax for the first week to keep swelling and bruising minimal.

Can I be physically active during recovery?

After a rhinoplasty, we advise our patients to reduce their physical activity to light movement such as walking for at least two weeks. Strenuous activities must be avoided along with bending over, lifting and applying pressure to the nose. Glasses and sunglasses cannot be worn during the initial healing phase.

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I am happy with the results of my Rhinoplasty procedure

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Written on June 23, 2020

Dr. Golger was very friendly, helpful and professional. So far I am happy with the results of my Rhinoplasty procedure. I had very little pain and discomfort and so far everything seems to be heeling nicely. He did a very nice job.

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Rhinoplasty Recovery

Additional recovery tips after a rhinoplasty

During your recovery from a rhinoplasty, you should avoid smoking and drinking alcohol in order to improve the rate of healing.

Nicotine and alcohol are both factors that slow the body’s healing process. Furthermore, ice packs cannot be directly applied to the nose, but your surgeon will explain comfort measures to help ease recovery.

Does a rhinoplasty surgery have risks?

Similar to all other plastic surgery procedures, rhinoplasty also carries some inherent risks including but not limited to: infection, delayed healing, scarring and unsatisfactory results. Your plastic surgeon will talk with you about the optimal approach related to your unique anatomy and health factors as well as present realistic expectations for the outcome.

What are some alternatives to rhinoplasty?

There are a few cosmetic procedures that could serve as alternatives to rhinoplasty because they can bring harmony and balance to your facial features. Be sure to ask our enhancement team about these options.

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Are you a candidate for rhinoplasty?

In Toronto, a rhinoplasty candidate is typically a healthy individual who wants to improve the appearance of their facial features and contour by altering the nose. It is important that as a rhinoplasty patient, you develop realistic expectations for the procedure. With a positive outlook and appropriate expectations, a rhinoplasty can be extremely rewarding and improve self-confidence.

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