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3D Imaging


3D Imaging has radically improved the way we conduct a consultation. At Avenue Plastic Surgery in Toronto, we give you a three-dimensional preview of your results, which empowers you to make smarter decisons about cosmetic surgery. With each patient, three-dimensional imaging helps us design a tailored plan to meet your goals. We can preview the results of breast augmentation, body contouringrhinoplasty and other popular procedures.

The technology has benefits for patients and surgeons alike:

  • Facilitates open discussion about all surgical options
  • Helps us clearly define your goals and expectations
  • Increases patient confidence and participation

When we can visualize your anticipated results, we can tailor the surgery to meet your goals and give you a satisfying outcome.


How does 3D imaging work?

We capture several high-resolution, three-dimensional images of your body simultaneously. These images take only moments to process and upload to a virtual model. This allows Dr. Golger and Dr. Romy to create a simulated three-dimensional picture of your body. This sophisticated imaging equipment can map the surface anatomy of your body and then be rotated and viewed in different angles.

What do the images look like?

After creating your 3D model, we can manipulate the image to simulate cosmetic surgery. This allows us to experiment with different looks until you’ve found the look you want. We’ll place the untouched version of your model and the surgically enhanced simulation side-by-side on the screen, producing a before-and-after picture of your expected surgical results.

Which plastic surgeons offer 3D Imaging in Toronto?

We are one of the few practices offering luxury services like 3D imaging. If you would like to experience it for yourself, please contact our Toronto office for more details. Our staff will be happy to schedule an appointment for you and answer any questions you have about this technology.

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