Dear Dr. Golger: I just wanted to Thank you for my new image….as I am sure you hear on a daily basis I was the standard story of having two kids and coming into my prime age of 50 and ready to have fun…except for my unappealing breast. I had done my research about breast implants and knew a fair amount going in and as for many things in life I wanted more then one option so I booked consultations with four doctors. Until I met with you I was really questioning my decision to do this because of the other consultations I had done, 1 doctor was suggesting putting in 700-800 implants which would be the size of a watermelons….the others were going to cut from one end to the other….but not you…you made me feel comfortable and assured that the decision of having the procedure was a simple and affective way of bringing my youth back to my appearance…. When I heard you speak and understood where you were coming from I was so excited, and I felt instantly comfortable with the procedure,results, and level of expertise. These new breasts were something I had wanted for a long time and I wanted the best result. The procedure itself was a lot less painful than I expected. My husband and I are absolutely thrilled and pleased with the procedure and the process were exemplary. I thank you and Toni for all of your support and look forward to having more fine tuning done in the future.

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