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Dr. Romy Ahluwalia is a fantastic plastic surgeon! I had a breast augmentation done with him. At my consultation appointment he took the time to answer all my questions and concerns in regards to the procedure. He made me feel very comfortable and confident in choosing him as my surgeon. He thoroughly explained the incision and placement of the implant and his reasoning for the location. He is a very kind and caring doctor. If I were to have any other surgeries done in the near future, I would most definitely pick him as my doctor. I highly recommend him!

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Dr. Romy Ahluwalia is a fantastic plastic surgeon!

My experience of having breast implants was excellent from the first time I met Dr. Golger he made me feel very comfortable and at ease. He explained everything to me before surgery. The day of my operation he personally walked with me to the O.R. The night after my surgery Dr. Golger called me at home at 10 o’clock to see how I was. I was thrilled to think that a busy doctor like himself would take the time to call. Each day I felt better and better. Three weeks after surgery I went to my family doctor. He could not believe that it was just three weeks ago as the incision had healed and you could hardly tell there was an incision. I would highly recommend Dr. Golger to anyone. He is truly an old school doctor. He is understanding, compassionate and a true professional.

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I would highly recommend Dr. Golger to anyone

At 16 I was a size Double D. I had back pain and my shoulders were beginning to indent. I was self conscious and always tried to hide them as much as possible. Men were always staring and the topic of conversation usually had my breasts in there somewhere. I hated my breasts and didn’t like anyone seeing them. Running was out of the question and buying bras was a nightmare. At 19 my family doctor referred me to Dr. Golger. I was nervous seeing a male doctor and having to show myself but I was immediately put at ease. My mom came with me but I decided to speak with Dr. Golger alone. I felt so safe and informed by Dr. Golger I knew I was going to get exactly what I wanted. And I did! The surgery went exactly as planned, I was home the same day with little discomfort. I took pain killers for two days then I was fine. I had a few concerns afterwards and I was able to call Toni or Dr. Golger anytime and my questions were answered. I did what I was told to do and within one month the scars had healed. They look great, I feel confident about myself; I may even start running! I would recommend Toni and Dr. Golger to everyone, it’s the best decision I’ve ever made.

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The surgery went exactly as planned

I spent the last 20 years wanting a “boob job,” wanting to wear a bra that wasn’t half empty, I just wanted to fill up the breasts I had! After 3 kids and turning 43 I decided it was time and I was worth it!

I met with 5 different plastic surgeons and one very plastic female assistant! Nobody really made me feel comfortable; I was just another surgery. But I had to pick one and I booked the surgery.

Then one month before surgery I found Dr. Golger. My first impression was fantastic. I immediately felt comfortable asking any and all questions that came to mind. Dr. Golger answered them all in a way that I understood, he made me feel relaxed; like I’d known him for years and this was something he wanted to do for me! I respected his knowledge and he respected my decision about size and thoroughly explained the surgery and what to expect afterwards. I made numerous calls to Toni and Dr. Golger and each question was answered with a smile. They felt like family!

The examination and surgery were professional, I didn’t feel awkward or embarrassed. Everything went as scheduled; I was home by 3:30 pm. Recovery was easy, very little pain and I didn’t need any pain killers and two days after surgery I was shopping!

Three months later: My scars around the nipple have healed and are barely noticeable. They feel natural I almost forget I have them, they have dropped and look natural. Friends can’t believe how real they look, my husband loves them! I was an empty 36 A; now I’m a full 36 B sometimes C depends on the bra. I’ve recommended/boasted about Dr. Golger and Toni to everyone – Go for it!

The most memorable thing was looking in the mirror and feeling like this was the body I was always supposed to have, I felt like a real woman. Life really does begin in your 40s! Thank you Thank you Thank you!

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The examination and surgery were professional

My story is simple. I had two beautiful children, 9 lb 11 oz and 10 lb 5 oz. During their pregnancies I gained a huge amount of weight (and not just the baby) then spent the next 2 1/2 years working my ass off to achieve my healthy weight again. I was so proud of my accomplishments of becoming healthy but still found myself falling shy of happy. I had a significant amount of excess skin on my abdomen that I knew no matter how hard I worked, would never go away. I was uncomfortable both physically and psychologically due to the excess skin and I even found myself tucking it into my pants before I sat down so it wouldn’t get pinched – or stick out making me look bigger than I was. So I decided to look into my options.

I had spoken to many offices and many doctors regarding abdominal plastic surgery. I was made to feel vain and artificial by most of the doctors. They treated me like I was a number with a large dollar sign attached. I had almost given up when I called Dr. Golger’s office. His receptionist Toni made me feel like a person. Like I was important and that I was worth it. I made an appointment to meet with Dr. Golger and knew within the first three minutes that he would be the one to help me complete my journey. I felt as though he cared more about helping me to achieve my goals than he did about creating perfection just because he could. He worked with me to understand what I wanted from the surgery, not telling me what he could do for me. I felt safe, and in control. This was my decision, not some plastic surgeon telling what else needed to be fixed.

Dr. Golger is an extraordinary surgeon who cares about his patients. I booked my surgery and loved the anticipation leading up to the big day. Dr. Golger did a fabulous job, removing around 1 1/2 lb. of skin, creating a nearly perfect scar and following up even on his own personal time to ensure that I was comfortable and healing well. I had no pain and was up and around within just a few short hours of my surgery. If I was given the opportunity to change only one thing, I would call Dr. Golger’s office first. What a fabulous experience.

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Dr. Golger is an extraordinary surgeon

I recently visited Dr. Golger and had my breasts enlarged. The implants look great. Before this I use to wear two wire bras with pads to look somewhat shapely. Now I wear a 36C NO pads NO wires and feel and look amazing.

Dr. Golger is a very comfortable man to talk to. I was scared, nervous, excited, he changed that in 10 minutes sitting with him. He answered questions I didn’t ask. I wish I would of done this 20 years ago.
My self confidence has deeply grown. Thank you very much. P.S. I turn heads now!

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Dr. Golger is a very comfortable man to talk to

On the afternoon of May 6th of this year I had a serious accident at a Skeet and Gun Club, resulting in my being admitted to the Oshawa General Hospital with a somewhat mutilated left hand. Fortunately for me you were available at short notice to surgically repair the damage later that night. As you know, my left thumb had to be amputated and some extensive reconstruction work done to my hand. I have been in Dr. D’s clinic twice a week at the Toronto Western Hospital and have heard nothing but praise for the work you did on my hand. I have been told that my progress is “ahead of the curve” and thought it incumbent on myself to write you to acknowledge my thanks. I am extremely grateful that you were available that night.

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I am extremely grateful

Dear Dr. Golger,

Your gifted hands, eyes of an artist and your calm, humorous approach made me feel much more relaxed about my situation. Thank you. Allow me the pleasure of treating you to lunch.


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Gifted hands, eyes of an artist

Dr.Golger was very laid back at my first appointment and I was a little concerned about whether he would be a good plastic surgeon but he was awesome. I had just the results I wanted and couldn’t be happier..would recommend him to anyone.

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Awesome plastic surgeon

After having two kids, having complications and gaining serious weight I thought I would never look the way I wanted again. I tried as hard as I could. I took off all the weight I gained plus some but was never satisfied. I always had this hanging skin and pouch that made many ask “when are you expecting?”. My self confidence wasn’t great. I spoke to many Dr’s and was never comfortable until the day I spoke with Dr. Golger. He is the best!! He listened to my wants and concerns and was very honest with me. He spoke about the procedure I wanted done and didn’t try to convince me to do anything else. After our first meeting I booked my surgery. Dr. Golger took care of me before, during and after my procedure as no other would have. He even called me at home to make sure I was doing ok. I am a happier person because of this man and I would tell anyone who was looking for the best to call Dr. Golger.

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I am a happier person because of Dr. Golger

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