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Brow Lift


If you’ve got frown lines, worry lines, and a lowered brow, you may find that your facial expression doesn’t match the way you feel inside. Although non-surgical treatments like Botox cosmetics can help, the results you get are limited and temporary. To give you an awake and rejuvenated look that lasts, Toronto & Oshawa plastic surgeon Dr. Golger or Dr. Romy may recommend a brow lift.

A brow lift can treat:

  • Wrinkles and forehead furrows that make you look older
  • Moderate to severe frown lines
  • Deep forehead creases
  • A heavy brow or tired facial expression

What makes brow lift surgery unique is the way in which it opens the eye area and restores a natural arch in the eyebrows. If you’re considering a brow lift in Toronto, read the following FAQs and then call us to schedule an appointment. During a consultation, Dr. Golger and Dr. Romy can share the details of surgery and determine if the brow lift can benefit you.


How does a brow lift work in Oshawa or Toronto, ON?

A brow lift requires 1-2 hours under twilight anesthesia or IV sedation. We create an incision that travels along or just behind the hairline at the top of your head. Then we lift the forehead skin to gain access to the underlying tissue. To correct a sagging brow and deep frown lines, the forehead tissue is elevated and the brow muscles are selectively weakened.

What’s an endoscopic brow lift?

Rather than one incision, the endoscopic brow lift uses several small incisions behind the hairline. After creating these incisions, we insert an endoscope (a viewing device), which gives Dr. Golger or Dr. Romy a clear view of the underlying tissue.

What can I expect after my brow lift?

Bandages are applied after surgery, which are usually removed within 3 days. Stitches are usually removed in about 7 days. We’ll give you detailed instructions for aftercare, including steps to elevate your head and use a cold compress to minimize swelling. Normal activities can typically be resumed in 1-2 weeks, and more strenuous activities in 3-6 weeks.

Is a brow lift safe?

Like any Toronto & Oshawa, ON surgical procedure, there are risks involved with brow lift surgery, such as infection, delayed healing, skin irregularities, prominent scarring and changes in sensitivity. We’ll discuss the risks of this procedure in detail during your consultation.

Who performs brow lift surgery in Oshawa & Toronto, ON?

To learn more about brow lift surgery in Toronto, please contact us to schedule an appointment. During your visit, Dr. Golger and Dr. Romy can answer your questions, address concerns you may have, and share real brow lift before and after photos.

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